12 July 2023
10:00 AM (GMT +2)

Who is responsible, when are the next deadlines, what and how you need to communicate
With Annex VIII, the CLP Regulation introduced a new notification process for mixtures with physical and/or health hazards. This has caused a series of significant changes in company operations: dossiers must now be transmitted before the product is placed on the market, and the content and format are now harmonized at a European level (except for a few Member States that are not aligned yet). In this way, notifications at national level are progressively being abandoned. The deadline to shift to the PCN notification was 01 January 2021 for mixtures intended for consumers or for professional use and 01 January 2024 for mixtures with an industrial final use. In any case, there will be a transitional period until 1 January 2025 for already notified mixtures, unless it is necessary to update the submitted information.

The aim of this webinar is to give an overview of the regulatory requirements that surround the PCN notification, answering some practical questions as who is responsible, and what information must be communicated in the dossier.

Recommended for:
The course is recommended for HSE managers, chemical safety consultants, employers, SDS and label editors and, in general, those involved in regulatory affairs in the company. It is recommended for users with any level of preparation.

Addressed to: all
Duration: 60 minutes
Speaker: Sara Valenti
Language: English