13 December 2023
10:00 AM (GMT +2)

The CLP Regulation, (UE) 2008/1272, sets the rules for classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures in the European market.

Labels play a fundamental role in the communication of hazards along the supply chain and up to the final consumer who will use the product.

During the webinar, the rules and requirements for labelling hazardous products as established by the Regulation will be discussed: what are the mandatory elements to include in the labels, how to communicate hazards properly and avoid mistakes, accompanied by practical examples.

Recommended for:
The course is recommended for HSE managers, chemical safety consultants, employers, SDS and label editors and, in general, those involved in regulatory affairs in the company. It is recommended for users with any level of preparation.

Addressed to: all
Duration: 60 minutes
Speaker: Ziannah Pasion
Language: English